Police brutality in Progreso Yucatán, the officers involved have been sanctioned (Watch Video)

(Photo: El Heraldo)

Four agents of the Municipal Police of Progreso, Yucatán, were captured on video when they arrested a young man, and the fact is being investigated. For now, the mayor of that port, Julián Zacarías Curi, said that the police officers were already sanctioned.

(El Heraldo).- The video went viral quickly on social media in which it is appreciated how the agents violently subjected a young man on the Progreso boardwalk, while the witnesses keep saying that he had done anything wrong.

Four Progreso Municipal police officers can be seen on the video grabbing the man by the arms and legs, while he screams for help and struggles. The agents managed to subdue him face down, one puts all his weight on the man’s right leg, while another police officer starts hitting him with blows in the ribs and back. Then, they doubled his ankles, he is handcuffed and literally thrown into the police vehicle, while the other two officers kick the handcuffed man.


About this fact, Mayor Zacarías Curi assured that there was already an approach on the part of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Yucatan (Codhey) to address the situation and investigate.

He also recognized that there was excessive use of force in the arrest, so the police officers involved were sanctioned. At the moment, they were arrested, by the Public Security and Transit Directorate in Progreso.

The mayor argued that they will attend to the requests of the Codhey because he said that these are not the ways to conduct the arrests.

The Yucatan Times