Mother rescues baby who fell into a pool in Yobaín, Yucatán

(Photo: La Verdad Noticias)

The prompt response of the emergency forces managed to rescue a 1-year-old and eight-month-old baby, who fell into a swimming pool.

(TYT).- According to the report, J.G.V. l., the mother of the infant was visiting her grandmother’s house, when at one point she did not see her baby, whom she left playing with her doll.

Apparently, from one moment to the next, the doll fell into the pool and the baby tried to fetch it, which caused her to fall into the pool, lose consciousness, and swallow a lot of water.

Miraculously, the mother retrieved the baby girl in time and the emergency services immediately appeared to carry out the corresponding CPR maneuvers and managed to revive the little girl.

However, once she was stable, she was transferred to the IMSS hospital in Motul just to make sure that she was OK. 

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