Mérida will host the World Environmental Summit “S.O.S. Earth”

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

With the aim of making a call to the world to urgently stop the environmental threat that the planet is facing, which has climate change among its repercussions, Mérida will host the World Environment Summit “S.O.S. Earth”, in which representatives of institutions, specialists, and personalities committed to caring for the environment and sustainable development will meet.

In a statement, the president of the Cosmo Maya Organization, A.C., in charge of coordinating the summit in conjunction with the S.O.S. Earth, A.C., and the Secretary of Sustainable Development of the government of Yucatan, Ernesto Kuri González, indicated that the meeting will design and propose comprehensive actions to create an agenda of events and activities that permeate society.

Each of the actions, he highlighted, will be aligned with the commitments established by the nations that attended the last Annual UN Summit on Climate Change COP 26, in Glasgow, Scotland.

“It is intended to be a model and example worldwide, to show that when the wills and actions of society are aligned, the ends are achieved,” he stated.

Yucatan, in favor of sustainable development
In this case, he indicated, eight lines of action were defined, ranging from the recognition of our ancestral culture for respect and care for life to climate science, technological innovation, communication programs, environmental education, eco techniques, artistic expression, conservation, cinema, music, ecotourism, sports, and more.

Kuri González said that as Yucatan hosts the next meeting of the Governors’ Working Group on Climate, Jungles, and Forests in January 2023, it was an important factor for them to decide to hold the summit in Mérida.

In this event, we will have the participation of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development in coordination with the Government of the State of Yucatan. Featuring strategic and comprehensive actions that will be carried out in favor of caring for the environment, for the benefit of future generations.

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