Merida hotels register an important number of reservations for Semana Santa

(Photo: El sol de Mazatlan)

David Escalante Lombard, president of the association of tourism promotion agencies in Yucatan, announced that the month of March is ending with a significant number of hotel occupancy, and visitors to the different tourist attractions.

(TYT).- Just a couple of weeks before the arrival of the holidays, the leader of the tourism sector explained that hoteliers already have important reservations for these dates, although there are still rooms available.

“We expect a greater movement, after skipping January and February that there was displacement due to Ómicron, today we close a March that was very good, and in terms of events, people are already wanting to return,” he said.

“Easter week if it comes with reservations, it comes well and we expect a lot of movement, our partners report to us that reservations are coming,” he said.

He said that another branch that positively affects the tourism sector is the reactivation of events, groups and conventions, of which there were at least 20 during the month that is about to end.

“During March at least 20 events were held in the state, I am sure there will have been more, and the most important thing is the economic impact,” he said.

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