Mérida Airport begins the second week of the Easter vacation with 39 flights

(Photo: Por Esto)

On Monday, April 18th, Aeropuertos del Sureste reported the operation of 26 departure flights from the Mérida airport, the majority to CDMX

Employees of the airlines that operate at the Mérida airport reported that there are no delays or cancellations of flights this Monday, the beginning of the week, after Easter.

So far, early-bird flights such as Volaris 448 and 572 have arrived at their usual times, the first from Tijuana and the other from Mexico City.

As for departures, the 821 and 823 have already taken off, both to the country’s capital at 06:00 and 07:12, as well as the United flight to Houston that is about to take off.

According to Asur (Southeast Airports), today 39 flights are scheduled between 04:30 and 19:00, with 26 departures, and 13 arrivals.

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