Man drowns in the port of Chabihau, Yucatán

In the middle of the Easter holidays, a man who decided to go to the port of Chabihau for the weekend drowned on Saturday, April 16th.

It was learned that the victim, identified as Dionisio “N”, 62, originally from Hunukú, municipality of Temozón, after having a few beers, decided to go into the sea that Saturday afternoon.

However, the strong waves swept him out to sea and although some bathers tried to help him, they were unsuccessful, so they decided to notify the corresponding authorities by calling the emergency number 911.

Minutes later agents of the Municipal Police of Yobaín arrived, who managed to get him out of the sea, but the man was unconscious.

Paramedics also arrived immediately but could only confirm the man’s death,

The area was cordoned off by personnel of the State Investigation Police (PEI) and the forensic medical service to remove the body.

The people of Chabihau called on the municipal authorities to have more vigilance in the area so that if something similar happens again, they can act faster.

TYT Newsroom

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