Man dies inside his car in Mérida’s Melchor Ocampo neighborhood

(Photo: Yucatan al Instante)

An man was found dead inside his vehicle after he was allegedly the victim of a sudden heart attack while driving the streets of the Melchor Ocampo neighborhood of this city.

The events occurred on Thursday, April 21st, when the lifeless body of Bonifacio “N”, 65 years old, who was driving a Chevrolet Beat, was found on Calle 51 (between 12 and 14) in the aforementioned neighborhood, when suddenly he stopped in the middle of the street, apparently because he had some kind of seizure.

Neighbors who witnessed the event notified the authorities, so agents of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) arrived minutes later to corroborate the situation.

Paramedics from the same corporation also arrived at the scene, but they could only confirm the death of the senior citizen.

The place was secured by the Police pending the arrival of the Prosecutor’s Office for the corresponding legal proceedings.

Due to this situation, the street remained closed until the proceedings were completed and Semefo personnel arrived to remove the body.

TYT Newsroom