Man commits suicide inside workplace in Merida

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

The macabre surprise was taken by workers of a travel agency who, upon arrival to work, found one of their colleagues dead, hanging in one of the rooms. The events took place in Merida’s Pedregales de Tanlum neighborhood.

It is not known what made this man, about 30 years old, take the fatal decision, but the fact forced the presence of Semefo to take charge of the corresponding proceedings.

According to the facts, employees of a travel agency on 20th Street with 5-B in that area of ​​Mérida arrived to start the day’s work, but when they went to one of the back rooms of the property, they found their co-worker hanging from the neck.

They immediately took him down and asked for help from 911, paramedics arrived who assessed the man, reporting that there was nothing to do because he was dead, so SSP agents secured the place and Semefo’s intervention was requested.

Suicide prevention hotline in Yucatan
In Yucatan, there are several lines of suicide prevention, which can be useful when the moment requires it. These are:

Let’s save a life: 924-59-91, 945-37-77, and 075.
Facebook: Save a Life Radio.

Suicide Care Program (PIAS): 9993 10-36-62.

Mental health support line of the Yucatan Ministry of Health: 800-000-0779.

LifeLine: 800-911-2000.
Facebook: Line of Life.
Twitter and Instagram: @LineaDe_LaVida.

Emotional support lines of the Mérida City Council: 9994-54-10-81.

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