Luz María traveled from Chicago to Guadalajara to get a “liposuction” and ended up dead

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Luz María Carrasco was 47 years old, originally from Chicago, United States. A few days ago she traveled to Guadalajara, Jalisco to fulfill her dream of having liposuction to improve her physical appearance, however, she experienced various complications during surgery and fell into a coma so that after several days he lost his life, so his case has generated a great commotion on social networks.

(TYT).- Luz María’s case began to take relevance a couple of weeks ago because her daughter, a young woman named Yalithsa, asked for financial help on social networks to be able to pay for her mother’s medical expenses, which amount to more than 600 thousand Mexican pesos.

In her publication, the young woman pointed out that her mother had the dream of improving her physical appearance through liposuction, and for this, she traveled from Chicago to Guadalajara to undergo this aesthetic procedure. However, the anesthesia they gave her ended up affecting her heart and, according to the report, she suffered cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated on at least four occasions by the doctors in charge of performing the procedure.

After this unexpected reaction, the woman also suffered brain damage, her lungs filled with fluid and she fell into a coma, a state in which she remained for several days without showing significant progress. Given this terrible panorama, her relatives made the decision to transfer her to a hospital in her native Chicago, Illinois, where she finally died on March 30.

The death of Luz María has caused a great commotion and all kinds of speculation have been generated in which the seriousness and professionalism of the clinic in which the 47-year-old woman was operated have been called into question, in addition, her relatives pointed out that they found it very strange that she presented this type of complications because she was always very healthy and did not have any disease that could put her at risk.

“Do not risk your life for something like that, you never know what will happen, my mother was in perfect condition,” Luz María’s daughter Yalithsa said in an interview for Telemundo.

After the death of Luz María, hundreds of Internet users have suggested that the family file a lawsuit with the corresponding authorities so that an investigation can be initiated against the clinic where the liposuction was to be performed, however, it is unknown if they plan to take the case to legal instances, likewise, they have called for all people who plan to undergo this type of procedure to go to professional and duly authorized places in which the integrity of patients is prioritized.

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