Home Feature In this season cases of allergies increase, IMSS Yucatan recommends extreme precautions

In this season cases of allergies increase, IMSS Yucatan recommends extreme precautions

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Due to the fact that in this season the presence of pollen triggers or increases cases of allergies and their complications; the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Yucatan provides recommendations.

(TYT).- Dr. Rebeca Zetina Muñoz, head of the Medical Management Coordination, explained that the most frequent symptoms of allergies range from irritation, congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itching and swelling in the eyes and nose, and inflammation in the throat, to manifestations such as headaches, sleep disorders, asthma attacks, and chronic sinusitis.

Allergy is defined as an abnormally exaggerated response of the body to external particles, such as pollen, mites, insect bites, food, and even medicines.

These reactions could occur in any person and stage of life; however, those diagnosed with asthma may have greater complications; for this reason, it is important to seek guidance from a specialist.

One of the specific diagnoses that can be registered due to sensitivity to plant pollen that is dispersed in the environment is allergic rhinitis, which is characterized by inflammation of the throat, nose, and eye membrane.

Some recommendations that can help reduce allergic reactions and their complications are: in case of registering the aforementioned symptoms or reactions in the body that prevent carrying out daily activities or those trigger asthma symptoms; it is exhorted to go to a medical assessment to receive the appropriate treatment.

It is important that people identify and know the elements or factors that generate the allergy; since many agents are possible to control such as pollen and animal dander.

It is also recommended to dry clothes when there is not much wind, since pollen is introduced into the fibers of wet clothes; do not expose yourself to other irritating particles such as tobacco smoke; avoid going to places where the presence of environmental factors that generate reactions harmful to health is more common.

In addition to keeping spaces clean, especially during risky seasons and not suspending treatments, and following the doctor’s instructions.

Finally, the IMSS has specialists and medical treatments to provide care for each case of allergy; since reactions can occur in the respiratory tract, skin, and even the eyes.

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