In New Jersey, Cannabis seems to be more popular than any politician on the ballot

U.S. Cannabis Council President & CEO Steve Hawkins joins Yahoo Finance Live to talk about cannabis legalization and sales in New Jersey, promises on marijuana regulation made by politicians, and the pathway towards federal legalization.

(AP).- Better late than never. New Jersey opens its doors to recreational marijuana the day after 4/20 national cannabis celebrations. 13 dispensaries will open across the Garden State, the 18th state to legalize recreational weed.

The CEO and president of the US Cannabis Council, Steven Hawkins stated that the US Cannabis Council represents many of the largest MSOs, multistate operators, in the cannabis industry today, as well as some of the leading advocacy organizations. The organization was formed to really have a comprehensive and unified voice in Congress, as we see the inevitable day that cannabis is descheduled and legalized, and we see the end of federal prohibition. So we seek to reform the cannabis laws at the federal level and have a presence in the states.

“And this is really just the start, these first 13 medical dispensaries that have opened their doors to today. We fully expect that New Jersey will be incredibly robust. And there’s an estimate that we’ll see $2 billion worth of cannabis revenue out of New Jersey in the future”, Hawkins said.

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