Honduran immigrant arrested for assaulting a woman in Motul, Yucatan

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

The mobilization of the Secretary of Public Security, led to the capture of Kelvin Noel Zapata Maradiaga, 30 years old, of Honduran origin who fled the crime scene after assaulting a woman in the Kiní community of Motul.

Thanks to citizen complaints, the migrant from Honduras was found on a ranch near the rural community of Kiní, municipality of Motul.

Officers of the SSP made the subject available to INM in coordination work between the two agencies.

Unfortunately, in Motul there are already hundreds of illegal immigrants who come from Honduras, Colombia, Belize, and Cuba because the City Council led by Mayor Roger Aguilar Arroyo has allowed it, most of them work in bars and canteens, according to residents.

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