Governor Vila Dosal says “we must team up for the Yucatan of the future”

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The Governor distributed devices for the mobility and independence of people with disabilities, gave the approval for the start of the resurfacing of nearly 2 kilometers of streets, presided the inauguration of the Municipal Institute for Women, and handed over the works in the rehabilitation of streets, the drinking water network and the drilling of wells.

(Primera Plana Mexico).- “We need to team up altogether to take Yucatán to the place where we want and only united and putting aside personal interests will we be able to continue transforming our state”, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal summoned businessmen from municipalities in the east of the state by presenting what is being done in Yucatan.

From the International Hall of the Tizimín Fairgrounds and accompanied by the host mayor, Pedro Couoh Suaste, the Governor met and attended to the requests and doubts of businessmen in matters of health, environment, and economy of businessmen from the municipalities of Tizimín, Sucilá, Río Lagartos, Panabá and Espita, who highlighted the work and commitment of Vila Dosal to promote the development of the state.

“This Government has the vision to make things better for the population with the support that is really helping, we see a concerned and busy Governor, for which we appreciate everything he does to have a better Yucatan,” said the company representative. Ultramarine, Francisco Cauich Chai.

On a working tour of this demarcation and accompanied by the heads of the Secretariats of Rural Development (Seder), Jorge Díaz Loeza, and Social (Sedesol), Roger Torres Peniche, as well as that of Women (Semujeres), María Cristina Castillo Espinosa, Vila Dosal also distributed devices for the mobility and independence of vulnerable people, gave the flag for the start of the resurfacing of nearly 2 kilometers of streets, held the inaugural ribbon cutting of the Municipal Institute for Women and delivered the works in the rehabilitation of streets, the drinking water network and the drilling of wells.

In the presence of the mayors of Espita, Martha Eugenia Mena Alcocer; Sucilá, Gabriela de Jesús Pool Camelo; Río Lagartos, Floricely Del Carmen Alcocer Marfil and the mayor of Panabá, Omar Adiel Mena Narváez, Vila Dosal recounted the strategies that are promoting the development of the state in terms of health, countryside, housing, security and the attraction of national investments and foreigners that are generating a significant number of jobs in the state.

In this framework, the Governor presented the new projects that are expected to trigger the development of Yucatan, such as the expansion of the high-altitude port in Progreso, the construction of two combined-cycle electric power generation plants, and the expansion of the Mayakán pipeline to guarantee the supply of natural gas, the Mayan Train, the construction of the new O’Horán Hospital in Mérida, converting the entire “La Plancha” land into a large park and with the fiber optic project, providing Internet to all public schools, parks main and health centers of the state.

As a result of the constant efforts of the State Government before the Federation to help those who have less, Vila Dosal delivered support such as prescription glasses, dental prostheses, hip and knee surgeries, hearing aids, and mobile devices such as chairs. wheelchairs, PCI and PCA chairs, walkers, and canes for the benefit of more than 3,690 people from 80 municipalities through an investment of more than 13 million pesos to improve the quality of life of Yucatecans and their educational, social inclusion and reincorporation and labor, as part of the support delivery day, corresponding to the year 2022 of the Public Charity program.

Enoh López Rasgado is one of the beneficiaries of this joint effort with which he will be able to replace an old wooden cane with a new walker that will help him work as a night watchman since his knees are worn out and no longer have the strength to walk.

“I am very excited because this device will be very useful for my work as a waitress in a restaurant and, in addition, I will be able to move more than with my cane since it limited me a little to walk. It is a great support that gives us dependency and being able to fend for ourselves and there is no better benefit than that, “said the man.

Regarding this support, the General Director of the Yucatan State Public Welfare Heritage Administration (APBPEY) Zhazil Méndez Hernández, indicated that as a sign that the work in a coordinated manner exceeded the goals of the year with the management of more support of the estimates with which the Federal Government endorses its confidence in Yucatan to support more and more Yucatecans by bringing these benefits to those who need it most, he assured before the President of the DIF Tizimín, Gabriela Mezquita Alonzo.

When making a tour of the Basic Rehabilitation Unit (UBR) of Tizimín, Vila Dosal committed to remodeling this space that has areas such as Typing and early stimulation to provide comfortable and innovative spaces that make up quality care for users.

As part of his work tour of this municipality in eastern Yucatan and accompanied by the General Director of the Yucatan Road Infrastructure Institute (Incay), Felipe Alberto Canul Moguel; Vila Dosal carried out the start of the reconstruction works of about 2 kilometers of streets through a joint effort between the state and municipal governments of 7.8 million pesos.

The works that will be carried out on Calle 48 consist of the placement of a sub-base per unit of finished work with a compact thickness of 15 centimeters, the application of an asphalt concrete layer, plug irrigation, and signaling for the benefit of 80,672 inhabitants. of this town through teamwork.

Continuing with his work activities, the Governor cut the inaugural ribbon of the Municipal Institute for Women, in which adolescents, girls, and other inhabitants of this town can be served with psychological, legal, and social advice if required.

Together with the head of Semujeres and the director of the precinct, Karla Santoyo Arceo, and the mayors of Sucilá, Gabriela de Jesús Pool Camelo, and Río Lagartos, Floricely Del Carmen Alcocer Marfil, the Governor made a supervision tour of the facilities, where he also advise and channeling is offered, so that the inhabitants can access the different programs that the state agency offers there.

Finally, Vila Dosal and the Mayor of Tizimín inaugurated the remodeling works of asphalt streets, piped water network, and drilling of three microwells in the Fovissste Fraccionamiento, one of the roads most affected by flooding due to the passage of natural phenomena.

It was detailed that the works carried out in the more than 15 thousand square meters were the removal of the existing layer, forming the hydraulic base and the asphalt layer was applied; Also, all household intakes were replaced with new ones, the clamps and the branch pipe were changed, and three microwells were drilled.

The Fovissste subdivision has been created for 35 years and since then no intervention has been carried out in the streets for the benefit of more than 300 families that live in this area.

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