Governor Mauricio Vila visits and spends the night in Izamal

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

To listen and serve the Yucatecans in their own municipalities, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal went to Izamal, where he slept on Monday, April 18th, to led a working tour of municipalities in the area.

After meeting with the inhabitants of this Magical Town and receiving their requests, Vila Dosal took the opportunity to dine on tacos al pastor at the “El Coyote” restaurant, in the Izamal municipal market, where he also spoke with merchants from this supply center.

As he has done on previous occasions, the Governor spent the night in Izamal, and then he started a working tour of neighboring communities, where he supervised ongoing projects of housing, livestock, and recreational infrastructure.

Along with the heads of the state Social Development Secretariat (Sedesol), Roger Torres Peniche, and the Institute for Regional and Municipal Development (Inderm), David Valdés Jiménez, as well as the Izamal mayor, Warnel May Escobar, Vila Dosal presided a dinner in this Magic Town.

The Yucatan Times