Free sterilization services for pets begin in Mérida

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

The federal deputy, Cecilia Patron Laviada, launched the mobile sterilizer, which has the objective of taking care of the well-being of dogs and cats, offering free sterilization service.

The deputy revealed that this work will be done mainly with civil associations, who usually pay for these sterilizations based on collections in the shelters.

“We are going to promote a pet-friendly city because we all love animals and we love them well, and this project, which we are going to start with the collaboration of civil associations illustrates the great effort they make every day for the benefit of our pets”, she said.

The legislator recalled that from her work in the Chamber of Representatives, she is generating laws and initiatives in favor of animals.

“We promote laws in favor of animal protection, I proposed a law to modify the criminal code, for more penalties for those who harm an animal”

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