Family expresses their gratitude to Yucatecan Police officers

(Photo: Yucatán al momento)

“They saved our son’s life,” stated the parents Víctor Alberto Alcocer and Nayeli Canto, when recounting how two police officers from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) intervened to help their son Víctor Alejandro Alcocer Canto, 12 years old.

The father explained that that day they were bathing in the sea, in the area of ​​the Chuburná Playón beach, when they saw that their son was floating face down.

Víctor Alcocer swam towards him, took him to shore, and yelled for help because the minor was unconscious.

At that moment, SSP patrol 6435 was passing by with officers Fernando Mukul and Heyder Gustavo Baas, who tried to revive Víctor Alejandro.

Since he did not react immediately, they put him in the patrol car and took him to the Family Medicine Unit of the IMSS in Progreso.

The doctors managed to stabilize him, but given the seriousness of the case, they recommended transferring him to a hospital.

The SSP ambulance number Y-34 ambulance, driven by paramedic Kineret Govea, took the minor to a hospital in Susulá.

The minor remained hospitalized for three days in intensive care, then he was moved to a bed, and then released days later.

Now the Alcocer Canto family, from the Opichén district in Mérida, expressed their greatest gratitude to the agents of the state police.

“Thanks to the fact that the police quickly helped my son and took him to the hospital, he is here with us right now,” said Nayeli Canto.

Sofia, the little sister of Víctor Alejandro, was also on the visit.

The family took a brief tour of the SSP Facility C5i building and they were explained how the 911 emergency number and the video surveillance system work.

The police officers Fernando Mukul and Heyder Gustavo Baas are attached to the Delta Group, whose mission is to reinforce surveillance in Mérida and the interior of the State.

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