Elderly woman dies in the polls before voting for the revocation of the mandate

(Photo: Excelsior)

An elderly woman lost her life on Sunday, while waiting for her turn to participate in the voting day on the revocation of the mandate, in a polling place in the municipality of Santa Catarina, Nuevo Léon, México.

(Excelsior).- On Sunday, April 10th, at noon the woman was standing in line to cast her vote, when she suddenly vanished inside Technical Middle School number 75, located at the intersection of Cedros and Xochipilipi streets, in the Cerro de Las Mitras, Santa Catarina, Nuevo León.

Quickly, those present tried to help the lady, while others called the emergency number 911.

Minutes later, staff of Jaguares, of Civil Protection of the municipality, arrived at the site; however, despite the resuscitation maneuvers, the woman no longer reacted.

The deceased, 72 years old, was unofficially identified as María Gloria Hernández, whose causes of death will be determined after the autopsy of law.

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