Ecological Police continue working in favor of the environment

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

Since its creation, the Ecological Police has implemented actions to protect the wildlife that exists in the region, for which 3 supervision modules and the  emergency number 969 103 62 86, have been installed to immediately attend to citizen reports.

Progreso, Yucatán, April 05, 2022.- During the month of March to April 05, a total of 4 rescue operations were carried out, such as that of a skunk puppy that was in a pool, there was also a report of a snake on a property, in addition to a seagull and a bird that were found with wounds.

It should be noted that each specimen was duly assisted by the corporation’s veterinarian, to later be reincorporated into their respective natural habitats.

Obdulio Delaney Mena Sánchez, head of the Municipal Unit, said “we have a firm objective and that is to safeguard our species, which is why we work day by day hand in hand with society so that no species is threatened.”

This Municipal Unit is also in charge of following up on the cleaning of public spaces and the first square of the city, protecting the “Pig Beach” area, in addition to attending to reports of garbage burning.

The Yucatan Times