Demand for land outside the urban areas of Yucatan grows

(Photo: Sipse)

The Infonavit annual report reveals a greater supply of lots beyond the limits of the cities in the three states within the Peninsula, even in ejidal communities.

(Sipse).- 70 percent of the sale and demand for land in the Yucatan Peninsula is located outside the city limits, according to Infonavit’s 2021 Annual Housing Report, published the day before yesterday.

In Yucatan, 59 percent of real estate sold online is outside population centers.

Data from the Institute reveal that 17 percent of the demand is in the first contour and 10 percent in the second. Only 14 percent is located in the urban area of ​​Mérida. In turn, 86 percent of the lots that are sold are outside the urbanization.

The document highlights that the demand for land in Yucatan is close to that of Querétaro, Nuevo León, Jalisco, Veracruz, and Mexico City.

In Quintana Roo, the report indicates that 75 percent of the digital supply of land is outside the urban area and 25 percent in the intra-urban area; 29 percent are located outside the city limits, in some areas with more affordable prices.

On the other hand, 16 percent of the places available for construction are located in the first contour and another 16 percent in the second, which surrounds the metropolitan area. In addition, Quintana Roo offers 15 percent of ejido land.

Campeche is the one that offers the least number of lands outside the perimeters of the cities, with 20 percent digitally. However, in ejido zones, they add up to 22 percent of the land that can be acquired for construction.

Only 27 percent of the lots are offered in the intra-urban zone of Campeche; another equal percentage in the first contour, and four percent in the second perimeter.

The Yucatan Times