Casa AMAR opens its doors to care for the rights of children in Mérida, Yucatán

(Photo: La Jornada Maya)

With a focus on children’s rights, the Casa AMAR opened its doors in Mérida, receiving the first seven girls and seven boys who will live in this temporary home that prioritizes psychological care for those most vulnerable.

Georgina Ortega Joaquín, the founder of this house, stressed that this initiative is possible thanks to all the people who have been accomplices who have come together to collaborate by donating, cleaning, and working from any area for children.

They receive the corresponding training and even a first aid course to know how to react in case of accidents, “if we organize ourselves we achieve the goals easily, this is a sum of wills”.

“The path is hard for victims of violence, we cannot fail, we cannot fail these children as a society; they are going to share their energy with us, they are going to lend us their imagination and, together with them, we feel that everything is possible and so it will be”, said the head of the State Attorney for the Protection of Girls, Boys, and Adolescents (Prodennay), Teresita de Jesús Anguas Zapata.

And then she continued with a broken voice: “the greatest beauty of this space is love and the will to help these children move forward in life.”

She thanked the people who have trusted in second chances and asked the team to be brave and not lose hope, “there is something we see every day at Prodennay, regardless of the difficult stories that we have to face, we see the light In the midst of shadows, we see hope in the midst of fear and we see strength in the midst of adversity.”

“It is from childhood, precisely, that one learns to be strong. Today our girls and boys win with this project, let’s continue to believe in them and give them a voice because this is what they long for, that someone believes in them, that we see more beyond their stories and far beyond their fears”, she added.

“The message of this house is “yes it is possible”, but we must unite talents and wills for the sake of our children”, AMAR founder Georgina Ortega Joaquín concluded.

The Yucatan Times



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