Cancun’s 52nd anniversary is celebrated with important reforestation tasks

(Photo: La Jornada Maya)

On April 24, within the framework of the 52nd anniversary of Cancún, which is celebrated on the 20th, the fourth season of the Reforesta Cancún campaign will be reactivated, with the planting of trees on Nader Avenue.

The event will have the support of pioneers and founders of the city, who will join the more than 500 volunteers who have participated in the three seasons of Reforesta Cancún, some recurring, others seasonal, and others who become sponsors or allies.

“The event will have the participation of pioneers, founders, residents, companies and allies that always support Reforesta Cancún”, highlighted Carlos del Castillo, president of Ruta Nader and co-organizer of Reforesta Cancún.

In its first three seasons, it managed to plant 360 trees, which have been constantly cared for in order to have a better survival rate, on Huayacán, Yaxchilán, and Nader avenues.

He recalled that for the program to work properly they have worked together with various authorities and organizations such as the CFE, to supervise the wiring, but above all with tree growers, to find out what species can be planted, what maintenance they require, etc.

“And we will be doing an important seasonal work on Xpuhil Avenue, between Mercado 28 and the Green Navel, on a ridge that requires reforestation, but also sanitary pruning of the trees, so that they generate a greater shadow,” he said.

“Unfortunately, there is a problem with urban trees because they are all pruned at different times by staff from Telmex, from parks and gardens, civilians, and none of them are pruning specialists, so there are trees that could have been patrimonial but are injured and damage by negligence in their pruning”, Del Castillo continued.

“We are preparing a special workshop for those who are dedicated to pruning, so that, especially in the foundational area, there is proper management, hence the importance of having started Reforesta Cancún with a technical group of experts”, he added 

The contribution of the specialists is what has allowed reforestation to have a success rate better than expected, reaching 70 percent, that is, 7 out of 10 trees planted have survived and are now alive and in good health, when the average is usually 40 percent”, the president of Ruta Nader and co-organizer of Reforesta Cancún concluded.

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