Brutal Car Impact on the Tetiz-Kinchil highway

(Photo: Sipse)

A brutal crash, which, however, did not leave people dead although it did leave at least two injured and thousands of pesos in material damage, occurred on the Tetiz – Kinchil junction, km. 26.

Kinchil, Yucatán.- The vehicles involved were a Ford Ranger van heading for Celestún and a red compact car with Yucatan license plates CZ-CT288-B headed for Ucú.

The driver of the red car came with his relatives, including several children. Upon reaching the junction, he made his stop, but apparently, someone told him to pass, he trusted, moved forward and at that moment, the truck hit the front part of the compact.

A person who was a passenger in the Ford Ranger YU-0468-C, an elderly lady, was injured by several blows. There were also nervous breakdowns.

In a matter of minutes, police officers and paramedics arrived.

As for the vehicles, both were complete losses.

TYT Newsroom

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