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Blue tuna stands out in the gastronomy of the Riviera Maya

by Yucatan Times
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The restaurants of the Riviera Maya are promoting dishes with national fishing, one of the species is the blue tuna that is caught in Baja California, however, every day more is sought in other parts of the country, Quintana Roo being one of the destinations promoting this fishery.

(Novedades Quintana Roo).- Santiago Matus Velasco, director of BlueFiná, mentioned that three tons of tuna arrive in Cancun each year, and they hope to increase that figure to 10 this year and thereby attract tourism from Japan and the United States, which are the main consumers.

To promote these products in the Riviera Maya, a workshop was held with 65 chefs with whom different dishes were created that can be included in the menus and thereby increasing the flow of diners who are acquiring this type of food.

“The main consumer is in the United States, with at least 70%, followed by Japan, and only 2% is consumed in Mexico, which is why, in order to promote growth, we are seeking to increase production through the Mexican Caribbean, thereby reaching to 10% this year”, he mentioned.

Blue tuna from Baja California, a delicacy in Quintana Roo
This product is brought from Baja California and has a strong presence in the Mexican Caribbean as there is a direct connection between Cancun and Tijuana.

The Mexican Caribbean is one of the most important points, for receiving international tourism in order to promote dishes made with the species that arrive from Japan to the Pacific, where it is caught in a regulated manner between January and May.

On average 3,500 tons of Blue Tuna are captured every year on these dates and the product is sent to different parts of the country for commercialization “With this, what is sought is to continue promoting consumption not only within the tourism industry but also as part of the national gastronomy in restaurants all over Mexico, as it’s popularity is growing,” Santiago Matus Velasco, director of BlueFiná concluded.

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