Blackouts continue in several Mérida neighborhoods due to an intense heatwave

(Photo: Por Esto)

High temperatures caused many colonias to lose power on Wednesday; This Thursday the blackouts continue in the city.

(TYT).- Due to the high temperatures recorded in Yucatan, several neighborhoods in Mérida have suffered hours-long blackouts, which causes discomfort for people in the hot season.

On Wednesday, several families suffered from sudden blackouts that forced them, in some cases, to spend more than 12 hours without electricity.

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) clarified that all this was due to the overload of the equipment due to the high temperatures registered in the state.

Although this had been corrected in many places, this Thursday the blackouts returned in neighborhoods such as Las Américas, Campocielo, and Francisco de Montejo, among others.

The complaints on social networks were immediate as people cannot turn on their fans, or air conditioners as they suffer from the high temperatures.

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