Authorities warn about a new modus operandi to scam citizens in Mérida

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

Several citizens of the south of Mérida alerted the population to avoid being scammed by the new modus operandi used by criminals, who take advantage of the situation by offering buckets of ‘paint’ at a lower cost, but in reality, these are full of water.

Merida resident María L.U., one of those affected, exposed her case through social media, and several citizens agreed that this modus operandi is being used in the south and east of Mérida.

Fortunately, the affected woman managed to take a photo of the truck where these people allegedly operate “look, be alert, they are offering low-cost paint, but when you open the buckets, they’re full of water. I was unable to confront them as they quickly fled.” Maria posted on her social network account.

Do not fall for deception, make sure to check what you buy before paying for it.

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