AMLO denies that the Maya Train affects cenotes and underground rivers

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Even though a Federal judge in Yucatan ordered the suspension of the works, AMLO continues to say that “there is still no official notification” for the suspension of works on section 5 of the Maya Train, and assures that there are no negative effects on cenotes or underground rivers.

The president defended the work being carried out in the section that goes from Playa del Carmen to Cancun, Quintana Roo, as he assured that the project is supported by farmers, Ejidatarios, and small owners, among others, for this project.

The layout of the Maya Train respects underground rivers, it does not affect cenotes, in fact, farmers, Ejidatarios, and small landowners, have given their consent, but this is a political matter, ”he mentioned.

However, the first court of the District of Yucatan granted a provisional suspension for the works of section 5 due to the lack of authorization regarding the environmental impact.

López Obrador assured that “there is a campaign against the Maya Train for political purposes, not environmental ones.”

The president reiterated that the campaign against the Maya Train is financed by foreigners and Mexican businessmen (without any proof though).

“There is a smear campaign against the Mayan Train financed by foreigners and Mexican businessmen and they are using pseudo-environmentalists, it may be that there are people concerned about the environment, but, in general, they are people without convictions or moral scruples of any kind. nature,” the president said.

López Obrador assured that they will wait for a response to the claim to section 5 of the Mayan Train to seek to defend the works that are being carried out.

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