A young man exhumes the body of his dead mother and walks her through the streets of Noh Bec, Quintana Roo

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

Residents of Noh Bec alerted the authorities after observing how a young man was walking his dead mother aboard a tricycle.

The town of Noh Bec, in the Felipe Carrillo Puerto, recorded a gloomy event after a man exhumed the body of her dead mother and took her for a ride on a tricycle in front of the inhabitants.

The residents immediately alerted the authorities to resolve the situation that had caused panic among residents when seeing the decaying body of a woman, who had been buried for several days.

The son assured that he had received a revelation from God, so he exhumed the body of his mother to move it through the streets of the town without caring that the inhabitants observe the terrifying scene.

This event was spread on social media, people were in shock after seeing the decomposed body of a woman riding through the streets of the town.

It was around 11 o’clock on Sunday night when the man exhumed his mother’s body. Later on, he was arrested by Felipe Carrillo Puerto authorities and his legal status is unknown to date.

The Yucatan Times