Yucatecan fashion designer Aidan Euán is one of the creators of the Euphoria series

(photo: Vogue)

The Yucatecan Aidan Euán designed several looks for the Euphoria series, a program that is one of the most-watched by the youth of the American continent, so the one born in Yucatán is transcending borders.

(Harper’s Bazar Mexico) Mérida, Yucatán.- Currently, in the United States, Aidan Euán’s clothing brand, called AKNA, has become a trend and began to gain relevance, after Kim Kardashian became a fan of his designs, made with Swarovski crystals.

His collaboration on Euphoria began when Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy Pérez on the teen series, contacted him to work on a wardrobe design for the show’s first season.

Aidan and Alexa already knew each other because she had modeled his designs in the past, and that’s how his impressive creations made it to the television series.

During the first season, Alexa wore two pieces from the Yucatecan designer’s brand, who in an interview with Harper’s Bazar Mexico pointed out that these designs were pieces from his personal collection that were already sold on his website, but he customized them for the character of Maddy.

The result on camera fascinated the creator of the series, and that is how the conversations began to take care of Maddy’s looks for the second season that has been seen by millions of people.

Aidan Euan grew up in the Yucatan but in 2000 he migrated to the United States, where he began to admire the style and pop culture of California, which is reflected in his designs.

It was in 2016 when he founded his brand under the name of AKNA, which pays tribute to the Maya goddess of fertility.

“For me, AKNA means femininity, the Mexican and Latin American woman, but it also means for me the freedom to create anything and give life to what you want without any obstacles.”

Currently, Aidan Euán’s designs have been used by other important artists such as Miley Cyrus or Jennifer López, just to mention a few.

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