Yucatecan expert says it is essential to continue using the facemask

Dr. Maria Elena González Alvarez, president of the Yucatan College of Physicians, announced her position regarding the possible elimination of the use of face masks, after the control of the pandemic in the state of Yucatan.

The specialist explained that it is the use of these measures that continues to keep us safe and that eliminating them would be a mistake.

“The face mask, the healthy distance, the hygiene of hands is cultural, we must learn to live that way, it must be maintained, be patient, not despair. I understand that the pandemic has locked us down, but it doesn’t take much effort to put on a mask,” he said.

Currently in Yucatan, a very significant drop in cases has been reported, since daily infections range from zero to 4 daily cases in recent weeks.

“I feel that little effort has to be made for something as important as health,” he explained.

For now, the state government has not announced whether the use of the face mask will be eliminated, however, there are already other states that have eliminated its mandatory use.

The Yucatan Times