Yucatan attracts interest from Egypt to establish exchange and cooperation ties

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and the ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Mexico, Khaled Abdelrahman Shamaa, signed the Cooperation and Friendship Agreement with the Government of Luxor.

(TYT) Mérida, Yucatán, March 30, 2022.- Yucatán and Egypt establish ties to work together in the areas of culture, science, education, health, tourism, sports, environment, and trade, through the exchange of experiences, then that the Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and the ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Mexico, Khaled Abdelrahman Shamaa, signed the Cooperation and Friendship Agreement with the Government of Luxor, Egypt.

From the Hall of Portraits of the Government Palace, Vila Dosal and the Egyptian diplomat signed this document, with which they establish the promotion of participation and cooperation between both territories, with the aim of attracting greater benefits for the Yucatecans and the inhabitants of that region.

Accompanied by the heads of the Secretaries of Economic Development and Labor (Sefoet), Ernesto Herrera Novelo, and Culture and Arts (Sedeculta), Loreto Villanueva Trujillo, Vila Dosal thanked the Egyptian ambassador for his interest in cooperating, which, without a doubt, will translate into various benefits, since both regions have much in common, especially the importance of their culture and archaeological sites.

In that sense, the Egyptian diplomat pointed out that these cooperation ties mean opening a large window for the arrival of more opportunities in Yucatan, since there is an interest in the areas of culture, investment, and industrial production, taking into account everything that is being done in the state, to enhance its economy, development, and well-being.

“Here, in Yucatan, I see that we have enormous opportunities, compared to other states; So, we are going to take the necessary steps to strengthen these ties and, above all, the exchange, because we see that, in the state, important actions are being carried out, for example, in the field of the economy, for which I congratulate you Governor”, indicated the ambassador, in the presence of the Technical Director of the Secretariat for Tourism Development (Sefotur), Raúl Paz Noriega.

During the meeting, the representative of Egypt showed an important interest in the Maya culture, due to the similarity in the importance given to the legacy, both here and in his nation, for which he proposed an exchange through an archaeological exhibition, in order to preserve the history of both areas.

The Yucatan Cooperation and Friendship Agreement with the Government of Luxor contemplate, in the areas of culture, art, and science, sharing experiences and raising awareness among their populations, in relation to their respective heritages; in matters of health and medicine, the linking of studies and knowledge is established, as well as participation in conferences.

On sports, tourism, and youth, coordination will be established for the mutual presence in relevant activities, carried out in the countries of each party; also, promote cooperation in the conservation of the environment, as well as the development or strengthening of ties and commercial relations.

At the meeting, Herrera Novelo explained the benefits that Yucatan offers, as an ideal entity to invest, and highlighted its air and sea connectivity, due to its geographical location; the rapid recovery of lost jobs, at the height of the pandemic; its economic growth, which is higher than the national average; the generation of clean energy, and its commitment to technology and innovation.

For this reason, today, we have the arrival of important companies, such as Amazon and Accenture, which is not only generating important jobs for Yucatecans, but are also an example of the high rates of security and legal certainty in the territory, for the promotion to projects like these, he added.

Finally, the official presented some strategies that the state is carrying out together with the Federation, to promote local development, such as the Expansion of Puerto Progreso, the Mayan Train and, in the area of ​​energy, the construction of 2 cycle power plants. combined and the expansion of the Mayakán pipeline, to guarantee the supply of natural gas, which will contribute to the reduction in the cost of tariffs.

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