Yucatan aspires to produce its own energy

(photo: La Jornada Maya)

Ernesto Herrera Novelo, secretary of Economic Development and Labor, assured that Mérida will have a new 499-megawatt combined cycle energy production plant and one in Valladolid of 1,200 megawatts, which is also a combined cycle with natural gas. “In three months we will be able to see that the already physical advances are taking place.”

(SEFOET) Yucatán.- Three years ago, he pointed out, production was around 30 percent per day in Yucatan, while now it reaches 89 percent “and continues to grow,” with the aim that solar panels in homes and businesses continue to increase until they reach the amount necessary with clean energies.

Juan Carlos Vega Milke, Undersecretary of Energy of the Ministry of Economic Development and Labor, explained that 89 percent is clean energy thanks to the fact that natural gas is widely used in Yucatan.

“Each time a panel is installed in a house, 500 watts are generated and are not consumed from a matrix that works with fossil fuel, so all citizens who install solar panels in their home or business are contributing with their grain of sand,” said Herrera Novelo.

The transition is towards clean energies, what we are looking for is for natural gas to replace liquid fossil fuels that are sometimes used because we do not get the amount necessary to move all the plants. Besides, replacing natural gas with diesel or fuel oil not only pollutes more, but is also more expensive, the secretary of Economic Development and Labor concluded.

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