Yucatán and the NFL strengthen cooperation ties

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal participated in a meeting organized by the United States Embassy in Mexico and the NFL League, which is one of the most important associations in professional sports worldwide.

(TYT) Mexico City, March 24, 2022.- The areas of opportunity to strengthen collaboration ties between Yucatan and the National Football League (NFL) were explored, during the participation of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal in the reception and discussion “NFL International Home Marketing Areas”, a meeting organized by the Embassy of the United States in Mexico and the NFL, one of the most important associations in professional sports.

At the invitation of the Ambassador of the United States of America in Mexico, Kenneth Lee Salazar, Vila Dosal attended this event, which was also attended by the mayor of Denver, Colorado, Michael Hancock; and the vice president and director of NFL Mexico, Arturo Olivé Hawley, where they established cooperative relationships with representatives and managers of the NFL, as well as the 9 professional American football teams that were present.

The teams that were in the meeting are the Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers.

In his turn, the United States Ambassador, Kenneth Lee Salazar, highlighted the work being done in Yucatan, especially in terms of conservation, climate change and job creation.

Addressing a message, the Governor thanked the invitation to this event, since American football is a sport that, in recent years, has been generating more interest and increasing the number of fans in the entity and throughout Mexico.

Likewise, Vila Dosal highlighted the work being carried out by the US Ambassador since, since his arrival in the country, he has transformed the relationship that Mexico has with the neighboring country.

At the residence of the American Embassy in the country, the importance and contribution of the “NFL International Home Marketing Areas” was discussed, an initiative that allows League teams to develop significant and direct relationships with their fans abroad, promoting their growth and avidity worldwide.

In this context, it was pointed out that this program deals with areas assigned to certain NFL teams in which they are allowed to carry out face-to-face and online marketing activities, the sale of corporate sponsorships, events for fans, youth soccer initiatives and joint marketing links with other sports and entertainment assets in the market.

Among those attending this event was also Jesús Alberto Álvarez Aguirre, director of Social Responsibility and Events of the NFL Mexico. While, on behalf of the Denver Broncos team, there was the presence of Brittany Bowlen, senior vice president of strategy; and Marisol Villagómez, marketing manager.

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