With the economic reactivation, noise complaints return to downtown Mérida

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With the economic reactivation, noise complaints were also ‘reactivated’ in Mérida, since the Urban Development Directorate of the Merida Commune has suspended the activities of 15 restaurants and bars, as well as 10 businesses from various turns, from January to date.

Mérida, Yucatán.- The foregoing, for not respecting the Ecological Balance Regulation, which establishes the noise level that must be maintained so as not to affect third parties.

The director of said municipal area, Federico Sauri Molina, reported that in December they were notified of the complaints they had received, however, despite the warning, they did not lower the volume or modify their activities, so they were suspended and punished.

Noise complaints increase in Mérida
With the reactivation, the extension of hours and the removal of mobility restrictions, noise complaints have increased by 25%.

He assured that the management is in favor of the reactivation of the economy in legal activities, but that they must comply with the regulations.

“Since December we have been with the same operation, the noise level is monitored, the difference is that this time notifications are being left to businesses with complaints. They are being given a prudent period to comply and if not, the suspension of activities from between 15 days to three weeks is already in order, in addition to the sanction, ”he indicated.

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