Volunteers of the ‘Mexican Red Cross’ carry out clean-up operations in Progreso, Yucatan

(Yucatán al Instante)

During two weekends, the social volunteers of the Mexican Red Cross, together with the Volunteer Ladies of the Progreso Delegation, cleaned the access to the beach on Calle 106

Progreso Yucatán, March 21, 2022.- The State Coordinator of Volunteering, Antonio García Fuentes, organized the groups to carry out this cleaning task, which aims to encourage social volunteers to take care of the environment, “because without the beaches we would be left without a very important for the development of the coastal zone of the state”.

Accompanied by the President of the Progreso Delegation Council, Aurea Elena Gómez Novelo, and the Local Coordinator of Ladies Volunteers, Maritza Castro Sánchez, they collected garbage with the support of members of the Progreso City Council.

This activity was carried out in two stages because last week the weather made clean-up tasks more difficult, so they returned a second time to conclude the work of clearing, weeding and sweeping.

In the act, García Fuentes exhorted the volunteers to keep the beaches clean, and raise awareness among the inhabitants and visitors, to deposit their garbage in the indicated places and not to damage the vegetation that is vital for the animals that live there and the whole ecosystem.

President Aurea Elena Gómez stressed that a litter-free beach improves the environment in which we live, increases tourism and is also a social responsibility for all.

This event was also attended by the deputy director of the Federal Zone of the Progreso City Council; With the support of the team and the instruments of the community, the cleaning was carried out.

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