Visit Coba Cenotes and Archaeological Site

Cobá was one of the most powerful ancient Mayan cities and Lady K'awiil Ajaw was one of its most warlike rulers.

Coba is a tranquil town located only a 1-hour drive from the busier Tulum. It’s mainly popular for the spectacular Mayan ruins scattered around a lush tropical jungle.

People usually get there for a day to visit the ruins and maybe get some lunch in one of the local restaurants around the lagoon.

However, it is worth spending the night and enjoying the simplicity of this tranquil town and all it has to offer.

If you are staying in Tulum and you just want to take a quick tour, visiting the Coba Cenotes and ruins make a great full-day trip from Tulum. And you can either choose between a DIY trip or you can join a tour but we will talk about it later in this post.

The most important thing here is that you will include Coba cenotes in your Tulum Itinerary.

As you will see from the pictures, Coba cenotes are just spectacular and provide the perfect place to relax and swim in their crystal clear waters after a trip to the Mayan ruins. What’s more, you can visit all of them in a single day because they are all close to each other.


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