The Riviera Maya is indeed full of incredible spots where to snorkel, or just swim and enjoy the thriving nature.

Whether it is in one of the cenotes behind the federal highway or one of those spectacular beaches along the Caribbean coastline you will always find incredible places to swim and snorkel and this land will never disappoint you.

Unfortunately, what were best-kept secrets a few years ago are not so secret anymore, let alone “best kept”.

Luckily for us, there are still incredible places that are still relatively lesser-known and less crowded. Casa Cenote is one of the lesser-known cenotes near Tulum and I would like to share this spectacular place with you.

Read on if you want to learn more about Casa Cenote, the cenote, the beach, the hotel, the diving center, and the restaurant, all in one place.

Cenote Manati

Where is Casa Cenote (Cenote Manati) located

Casa Cenote is a beautiful cenote shaped like a snake and tucked among mangroves. It is located on the Riviera Maya at only 10 km from Tulum and 56 KM from Playa del Carmen and not far away from Akumal and Yal Ku Lagoon which I also advise you to check out.

If you are staying in Tulum, it’s an easy 20-minute drive from Tulum beach road.

Casa Cenote is right close to a beach, on the other side of the road, and well visible when you get there.

That means that if you are planning a full-day trip, Casa Cenote may be your place. If you get bored of the cenote you can walk on the other side of the dirt road and swim in the sea. That spot is actually quite good for snorkeling and shore diving too.

Casa Cenote Map

Casa Cenote map
Casa Cenote Map Photo © Google map

How to get to Casa Cenote

Getting to Casa Cenote is pretty easy but you need to know where to turn as there is no sign on the main road, well unless you get there by taxi. They usually know.

Getting to Casa Cenote by car

By all means, getting to Casa Cenote by car is the best way. I know I am repeating myself, and if you have been reading this site for a while you know that I am an advocate of DIY trips. However, with the risk of being boring, I will tell you again.

Get a car and drive around. That’s what I do, at least, unless I need to try a new tour. I usually recommend DiscoverCars because they allow you to compare prices among different companies, which is convenient.

If you are concerned about driving in Mexico or renting a car in Mexico, worry not! I have got you covered as well.

Casa Cenote beach
Cenote Parking lot Photo © Google Map

If you are coming from Tulum, just pay attention to the road signs. It should be the next turn after Caleta Tankah (which is another beach).

Once you find a sign for Blue Sky hotel turn right and follow the road. After the 90º curve, just keep going for another 300 mt. until you find it on your left side.

You can park on your right where the Casa Cenote and Manati Dive centers are located and that’s where you will pay for your entrance fees.

dirt road with hotel signs
Photo © Google Map

Getting to Casa Cenote by private transfer

I don’t recommend going to Casa Cenote by public transportation, because the minivan will leave you on the main road and you will have another km in the sun to walk (if not more). If you don’t want to rent your own car, you may want to ask your hotel for a trustworthy driver to take you.

Just make sure you agree on the rate and time to pick up.

Visiting Casa Cenote by tour

If you travel alone and you want to enjoy the cenote with other travelers or, if you have little time and want to see more places on the same day, the best option is to join an organized tour where they combine the best places to visit in one full day trip. Here are a few great options.

Casa Cenote entrance fees and opening hours

The entrance fee is 150 MXN ( 8 USD)

Life Jacket is included

Snorkeling gear – around 20 USD (that is why you are better off with bringing your own)

Opening hours – 9 am to 5 pm

Casa Cenote aerial view
Photo from Canva

Things to do at Casa Cenotes


The most obvious thing you can do in Casa Cenote is just swimming around. In fact, if you are not a fan of snorkeling or diving you can just enjoy the crystal clear waters and the surrounding nature. Access to the cenote is very easy as there is a wooden ladder to help you get in the water gently and come out easily.


Snorkeling is usually the most popular activity that you can do in a cenote especially when the underwater world is particularly rich with marine creatures or amazing landscapes, like in the cenotes.

You can rent the equipment or you can bring your own, although the latter would be preferable.

Casa Cenote green water
Photo from Canva


Diving is one of the most popular activities in this cenote. In fact, since it’s a very easy cenote and it has a maximum depth of 6 mt, many people come here to do their first dives.

I didn’t dive when I went to visit, even if I am a certified diver but I am planning to go back in a couple of months and I really want to do it.

I also can’t wait to meet Panchito the friendly crocodile living in the cenote now. He seems to be harmless although I wouldn’t pet him.

I will tell you how it goes.

If you want to dive as well you can book with Manati divers which are right there across the road. They have good reviews.

Casa Cenote Aerial view
Photo from Canva

Relax on the beach

This is a bit of a stretch but, you should know that although there is no beach by Casa cenote, there is a long one right across the road, by the hotel called Casa Cenote, you can lay on the beach or take a lovely walk or you can even snorkel and swim from the shore.

Have lunch

Right on the beach, you can have lunch in the Hotel Restaurant behind the cenote while enjoying the spectacular sea views.

Spend the night in the hotel Casa Cenote

If you are willing to splurge Hotel Casa Cenote is available to book. Check the rates and availability on, for the hotel clients the access to Casa Cenote is included ( but that doesn’t make up for the high rates 🙂

Casa Cenote
Photo © Google Map

Fun Fact – Why is it also called Cenote Manati?

That is because a family of Manatees used to live in the cenote, and they would show up quite often, hence the name. However, they haven’t reappeared recently, probably due to the increasing number of tourists disturbing their natural routine. I hope they have found a better place where to hang out peacefully.

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