Ukrainian dog breeder rescues 50 French Bulldogs

(Photo: Daily Mail UK)
  • Olena Lukash, 53, from Ukraine, fled the country to save ‘four-legged children’
  • She even returned to her Russian-occupied town near Kyiv to rescue 30 more
  • Breeder and her husband face the same gruelling drive back to Poland next week

Olena Lukash, 53, from Kyiv, said she ‘didn’t believe a war could start’ in her home country until Russian shells began to land near her house since the invasion on Ukraine began on February 24.

Olena, from Kyiv, Ukraine, said: ‘My dogs are my children. My job is my dogs. These are all French Bulldogs – my favorite breed for 30 years now.

‘I didn’t believe a war could start. The first week I thought that everything would end quickly, then shells began to fall near the house and I realized that I needed to save my four-legged children.

‘I took the first batch of dogs [10 dogs and 10 puppies] to Poland on March 9. The drive took me four days. There was a lot of traffic on the roads.

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