Two fishermen are rescued in Campeche after 6 days stranded at sea

(Photo: Noticieros Televisa)

In Campeche, two fishermen were lost on the high seas after the engines of their boat failed and they were surprised by the cold front 38

(TYT).- Members of the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) rescued two fishermen in Campeche who had been lost on the high seas for six days.

Fredy Guadalupe Huicab Huchin and Luis Góngora Naal had set sail on March 21 from the port of Seybaplaya

Relatives of both fishermen requested help from the National Maritime Authority after the fishermen did not return on Thursday, March 24, as planned.

The Semar carried out overflights to locate the smaller vessel, finding the Jazmin VI boat with the two fishermen on board on Sunday, March 27.

The boat was 111 km northeast of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, so the rescue of the two men was coordinated with the Seventh Naval Zone.

A Defender vessel, an MLB, and an ocean patrol were dispatched to the coordinates.

Both fishermen showed signs of dehydration but were in good health, Semar detailed in a statement.

After his rescue, Luis Góngora Naal reported that the next day after setting sail from Seybaplaya, the boat’s engines failed and they were involved in cold front number 38, leaving them adrift.

90 kilometers from the coast the machine failed us, but in that failure, the bad weather caught us, because the machine failed and it already delayed us a day to return and we could no longer return, ”he explained.

The fisherman added that they no longer had water and food, but that it occurred to them to remove the tire from the boat and set it on fire, whose smoke made it easier to locate them in the middle of the sea.

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