Two arrested for trying to extort money from a bar in Merida

(Photo: Yucatán al instante)

The subjects arrived at the place with balaclavas and demanded “protection fee” from the bar manager

(SSP) Mérida, Yuc., March 12, 2022.- Two subjects were arrested by the Police in a restaurant bar located south of the Periférico de Mérida, when they were ​​posing as members of organized crime, and tried to collect “protection fee” from the business manager.

It turns out that these two guys, after getting drunk somewhere in the south of Mérida, decided to go to the “La Piraña” bar, which is located on 86th Street in the direction of the ‘Santa Cruz Palomeque Hacienda’, enter the premises wearing ski masks, and demand money from the manager.

However, other employees called the Police, and the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) officers arrived at the scene and arrested the two subjects right on site.

In addition, one of the detainees wore a helmet with the initials PEI, so agents of the State Investigative Police took them away for interrogation.

In the end, the two men were arrested and taken to a detention facility where they will face the whole legal process, and most likely they are going to stay behind bars at least for a few years.

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