Truck fatally runs over a 7-year-old boy in Umán

(Photo: Por Esto)

A minor who was riding a bicycle on Calle 35-A of the Bosques de Umán subdivision was hit by a truck, whose driver fled the scene.

(Por Esto).- In the Bosques de Umán subdivision, the death of a 7-year-old boy has shocked the community. The boy was hit by a tractor-trailer, it is presumed that he would have gone out to the corner store on his bicycle when the tragic event was recorded.

The scene of the fatal accident was 35th Street -A, between 20th and 24th Streets, when the minor was riding his bicycle on the aforementioned roads, at one point a tractor-trailer rammed the little one, and the tires of the heavy unit killed the child instantly.

Residents who heard the cry of the little boy ran out of their houses, and saw how the heavy unit of the GAL company fled from the scene of the events, the Municipal Police of Umán arrived at the place, cordoned off the area, and with the description of the vehicle, a search operation was implemented that was unsuccessful.

Uman residents asked the municipal authorities to make improvements in the subdivision, since the streets are dark and in terrible condition, they made a small altar in honor of the little boy and as a message to the corresponding authority.

The body was transferred to the morgue for the corresponding autopsy.

The Yucatan Times