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Tourists in Mérida insist on not complying with sanitary measures against COVID-19

by Yucatan Times
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Employees of businesses in ‘Centro’ struggle every day with tourists who refuse to wear a face mask or apply antibacterial gel

(TYT).- Two years seems like enough time to adapt to the use of face masks and the protocols for entering the establishments in downtown Mérida.

However, there are people at this point in the pandemic who are still reluctant to follow the health protocols.

“It is a matter of culture and education,” said a tourist who was wearing a mask, as well as his wife and his two children. They only removed the mask when they sat down to eat something during their first day of vacation in Merida.

However, many tourists were seen walking around the city without correct protection.

“These people should be obliged to put on the mask” said a resident of Francisco de Montejo. “In public spaces, it is absolutely necessary to wear the mask,” she added.

In this regard, an employee who is in charge of taking the temperature in a well-known department store stated that he has to deal with that “resistance” on a daily basis.

“It is explained to them that the protocols must be complied with, but some people react in a bad way and curse at you, just for asking them to put on the mask,” the security guard declared.

The security guard explained: “The face mask is mandatory in Merida if you are in a closed space such as a restaurant or bar, once you sit on your table you are allowed to take the mask off, but if you get up your seat, you need to put it back on, although many people don’t want to comply with that”

“It is understandable that people are tired of this situation, but rules are rules. Besides, people get uspet when you tel them that the are wearing it incorrectly”, the security guard concluded.

“I think people trust themselves,”  said on her part, noting that, “they think you can walk normally,” with the green epidemiological traffic light and vaccines.

A business employee considered it disrespectful not to wear a mask or to wear it incorrectly, but she asserted the refusal is a common thing among locals and visitors.

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