Tourism recovery continues in Yucatán

(photo: voz de motul)

The secretary of tourism of the government of the state of Yucatan, released figures related to the recovery of the tourism sector in the state, and stressed that measures were taken since day one of the pandemic so recovery could be faster, despite the fact that her sector was one of the most affected.

(SEFOTUR) MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- State Tourism Secretary Michelle Friedman explained that the idea is to achieve better figures than in 2019, prior to the pandemic, building the bases for new air routes and new places to visit.

“Yucatan has worked on a plan called ‘Yucatan against COVID’, not only to recover to how we were in 2019, which was a record year in this state area, but to do it in a better way, rebuilding in a much more competitive way for the new needs of tourism”, he explained.

Although 2021 was a year in which economic recovery played an important role, they hope that, with a green traffic light, tourism indicators coud be recovered, and even exceeded.

“We hope that 2022 will be the year in which we recover all the indicators that we had before the pandemic, and we can even exceed some of them, like some that have happened, such as January of this year, which was the month with the highest domestic arrival,” declared Michelle Friedman.

“We are working hard to reactivate our destination in its entirety now that we have a green traffic light, and also for the recovery of the markets that are opening, both those that we lost and the new ones that are being added,” the State Tourism Secretary concluded.

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