Tlayudas and street vendors return to AIFA-Felipe Ángeles International Airport halls

(Photo: Excelsior)

After some street vendors were seen at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport at its inauguration, the merchants took advantage of some corridors to offer their products.

(Excelsior).- A group of people settled between entrances 5 and 6 of the air terminal to sell mainly water, soft drinks, cookies and coffee.

These people claimed to belong to internal commercial premises of the airport terminal.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, during the morning conference, proposed that “garnacha” stores be installed, after divided opinions after it was spread that, during the inauguration of the AIFA, a woman selling Tlayudas in the premises of the air terminal went viral on social networks.

According to the company that operates the air terminal, there are currently 266 commercial spaces available for those who want to set up a business there.

According to forecasts, for the new airport, by the end of 2022, 2.4 million travelers will be received and by 2023 the figure will reach five million people.

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