Thousands of Yucatecan women protest against sexist injustice and gender inequality

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

With the aim of commemorating 8M, International Women’s Day, in which the struggle of women to demand equality, justice and non-gender violence is remembered, thousands of Yucatecan women attended Paseo de Montejo, and downtown Merida.

(DY) MÉRIDA, Yuc., March 08, 2022.- During the march, chants were heard, the names of the women who have died as a result of sexist violence were reviewed, and iconoclasm was also applied to the monument to the Montejos, the monument to the flag, and other sculptures.

The state government and the Mérida’s city council anticipated the protest, trying to protect the cultural heritage, however, their efforts were not enough as the monuments were spray painted by the protesters.

The march began at 6 in the afternoon, and ended shortly after 10 at night, artistic expressions were made, and also readings to continue promoting awareness against sexist violence.

The authorities did not react violently to the angry expressions of the women embodied in the monuments of the historic center, but the mayor and the governor are expected to make decisions for the restoration of the monuments.

TYT Newsroom