These are the new features of the Agustin O’Horan Hospital in Mérida Yucatán

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

The creation of the new Agustín O’Horán Hospital was recently confirmed, which will be located near the maternal and child hospital.

(SSY).- This will aim to substitute the current hospital with new equipment and more space.

Authorities recently confirmed that it will have 300 new hospital beds, which is more than the 254 it currently has.

87 offices, more than double the current 41.

15 operating rooms. Currently, it only has 6, which means an expansion of more than 100 percent.

It will have a women’s clinic, as well as a cleft lip and palate clinic, and a palliative care clinic.

A parking lot, auditorium, and heliport are also part of the new design of this hospital.

Likewise, it will have independent areas for medical residences, and all this will be included in almost 11 hectares of land.

So far, there is no estimated date for the completion of this new hospital, which is added to others that have been improved and created in the administration of Mauricio Vila.

TYT Newsroom