The Mérida Montejo Rotary Club prepares a new children’s recreation center

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

The president of the Mérida Montejo Rotary Club, Víctor Caballero, announced the details of the upcoming projects that the Rotary Club has prepared, which has the objective of ensuring good humanitarian values.

(Merida Montejo Rotary Club).- The former secretary of education explained that among the projects that are on the horizon is the creation of a new children’s recreation center, which will have as its main objective that children can learn while having fun, through didactic games that strengthen their learning.

Víctor Caballero said that they are already fine-tuning the details so that the project, which would be located in the Juan Pablo II subdivision, can begin no later than April.

Likewise, he stressed that this would be the first center of many, since they have the plan to open several of these recreational centers throughout the city, and around the state.

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