The future is now! Check out the “Taco-bot” that prepares Tacos Al Pastor automatically!

(Photo: Twitter user @cvander)

Tacos al pastor have become one of the favorite dishes for many people around the world, this food has spread throughout much of the planet becoming the best food in the world, as declared by the gastronomic guide site Taste Atlas in 2019.

(Sipse).- It is a fact that Taqueros are a fundamental piece when preparing tacos al pastor, however, with the advancement of technology, new devices have been developed to facilitate the preparation of food in the kitchen, such as the taco robot

This robot is called Der Gerät, it was manufactured by the German company Aldakur RobotSystems, which through the use of technology, automated the process of slicing the top of any type of meat, with the aim that kitchen staff does not be exposed to heat and prevent cooking accidents.

According to the German company, this robot promises a much easier and cleaner job.

“The device gives you the sliced ​​meat at the push of a button. The kebab robot has smart sensors that are optically integrated and ensure easy operation. In this way, you will get the kebab meat piece by piece in the desired measure in each case,” the company said.

Through social media, this robot has surprised many users, due to the peculiar way in which this device slices meat, for which some users pointed out that this could be the future of tacos al pastor in Mexico.

In a video shared by Christian Van Der H, he shows the robot that he captured in a German store, where the netizen indicated “I just saw the future of tacos de pastor”.

The publication caused a sensation on social media, leaving various comments from people who wondered how the robot works.

The Yucatan Times