The city council of Mérida promotes strategies for economic reactivation with new investments

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“The economic reactivation of the Municipality after difficult months due to the pandemic is advancing thanks to the joint work between the different sectors of society that have laid the foundations to make the best decisions for the growth of Mérida” stated the Mayor Renan Barrera Concha.

(MERIDA.GOB.MX).- “The Yucatecan capital has been distinguished as the ideal destination to invest and do business in Mexico”, continued the Mayor, Renán Barrera Concha, during a meeting of work with members of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) of Puebla and Yucatan.

Accompanied by Iván Rodríguez Gasque, president of CCE Yucatán and president of CANACO Servytur Mérida, the Mayor began a dialogue with a group of businessmen from the MExican state of Puebla led by Alberto Ramírez y Ramírez, Secretary General of CCE Puebla, with a view to strengthening the investment framework in the municipality and strengthen ties between the municipal government and businessmen that allow future projects to be triggered that contribute to the economic reactivation, the attraction of investment, the generation of jobs and the strengthening of the productive sector in the municipality.

Before members of both business councils, Barrera Concha highlighted the commitment and governmental responsibility that exists on the part of the state and municipal government so that Mérida and the State continue to be a benchmark not only in terms of security but also in terms of commercial, tourist, industrial, real estate and business development.

“What we want is to be synonymous with economic growth with social development, these two factors have to advance in a parallel line for the development and well-being of the population,” he said.

He indicated that in order for Mérida and Yucatán to be considered nationally and internationally as an important pole of investment in the Mexican southeast, hard work was required on the part of the municipal administrations, which today translates into a better quality of life and security. that prevails in the municipality.

In his intervention, Ignacio Alarcón Rodríguez, president of the CCE of Puebla, recognized the vision of Mayor, Renán Barrera, to generate and attract new business investments that favor the Yucatecan capital.

Likewise, he pointed out that the Puebla Business Coordinating Council currently represents more than 24,000 companies and more than 28 organizations throughout the State, which generate more than 62.5% of GDP at the state level.

“We like to conduct business and explore new scenarios, always looking for new opportunities to grow. We want to continue growing in Mérida, what we have seen has left a good taste in our mouths”, he expressed.

For his part, Iván Gasque, president of the CCE Yucatán, said that this type of meeting with businessmen from other parts of the country, such as Puebla, is very positive for the economic reactivation of Merida.

Likewise, he recognized the work and coordination that exists between the Mérida City Council and other cities in the country, to attract new investments to the Yucatan.

“It is very motivating to receive the Business Coordinating Council of Puebla, it is the first experience we have of this type in which we receive the visit of an entire business council from another state, we see it as something very positive, and, without a doubt, we can replicate the strategies with other states of the republic” Alarcón Rodríguez continued.

In this sense, he recognized the work and the synergy that exists between the municipal government and the business sector to build agreements that contribute to the economic and safe reopening of the municipality.

He pointed out that security is undoubtedly one of the most important issues in the state that has been maintained, and highlighted the work and efficiency that the municipal police of Mérida maintains in the Historic Center of the city by having a time of immediate response to the citizen.

“These are things that are highly valued, without a doubt the Mayor has done things very well and that has allowed the city to grow significantly in recent years in one way or another,” the businessman  abounded

During his speech, Barrera Concha recalled that in the path of generating better investment conditions in the Yucatecan capital, Mérida has earned the best evaluation of the city in terms of regulatory improvement by the System for the Rapid Opening of Companies (SARE), the simplification and administrative reengineering of the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (Conamer).

Likewise, he said that according to the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO), Yucatan remains within the first ten places of the 2021 state competitiveness index and is considered one of the five best cities to live in Mexico.

“During the pandemic, 25,000 jobs were lost, however, with the generation of new investments, 36,000 jobs have been reactivated, that is, 11,000 more than prior to the health contingency”, Renan Barrera said.

Finally, he pointed out that the City Councils of Puebla and Mérida are currently in contact under the premise of generating joint projects that economically benefit both municipalities.

“In fact, we are very advanced on the issue of twinning and being able to carry out commercial exchanges for the benefit of the people of Puebla and also for the Yucatecans,” he concluded.

In the presidium the Mayor was accompanied by: Beatriz Gómory Correa, president of the Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic COPARMEX Mérida; Alejandro Ruz Castro, Municipal Secretary and José Luis Martínez Semerena, Director of Economic Development and Tourism.

On behalf of the Puebla CCE were: Alberto A. Ramírez y Ramírez, Secretary General CCE; Héctor Sánchez Morales, CMIC president; Marco Antonio Prósperi Calderón, president of CANACO; Rubén A. Furlong Martínez, president of COPARMEX; Ariosto Mario Goytortua López, President of CANADEVI; Mariana Díaz Jiménez, president of AMEXME; Juan Francisco Pando Balandra, USEM President; Armando García Pedroche, president CCSyJ; Martha Yolanda Domínguez Trejo, María Rivera Castillo, Roberto Quintero Vega, Rafael Herrera Vélez, Horacio Peredo Elguero, Javier Solana Lozano Vice Presidents and Vice President of CCE; Vice President CCE Puebla.

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