Temple of the Child Jesus of Tihosuco: a restored treasure of the Yucatán Peninsula

(Photo: Cortesía)

Tihosuco, a religious architectural treasure of the Yucatan Peninsula, will recover part of its peculiar fragmented facade, thanks to an original intervention project carried out by experts from the INAH Quintana Roo Center.

In the first semester of this 2022, the sections affected by natural phenomena that in June of last year damaged the west frontispiece of the temple under the invocation of the Child Jesus will be rebuilt.

The recovery and consolidation of the building occurs on the third anniversary of the sacred art jewel being decreed as a Zone of Historical Monuments, which together with Mérida and Campeche make up the trinity of peninsular architectural heritage.

Tihosuco, Mayan town with architectural richness
Tihosuco, a police station about 81 kilometers northwest of the municipal seat of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, is an important colonial tourist destination, and precisely one of its main attractions is its colonial buildings, practically among the few that still exist in Quintana Roo.

Community that owes its name to a derivation of the place name of Mayan origin Jo’tsuk, which means “five directions”, in pre-Hispanic times it served as the capital of the Cochuah chiefdom, an extensive area that encompassed the southeast of Yucatan and the southwest of Quintana Roo.

The scene of the so-called Caste War, from 1847, which left traces of devastation on the partially destroyed front of the Catholic temple, which will once again be the object of restoration to bring back the beauty of yesteryear.

Restoration of the temple of the Child Jesus
Master of Architecture Luis Jesús Ojeda Godoy, general secretary of the National Union of Conservative Architects of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture-INAH, explains the details of the works that will be carried out in the complex of the Child Jesus, emblem of Tihosuco.

The intervention in the religious building, highlights the master in Architecture, will be carried out based on the precise monitoring of specialists from the INAH Quintana Roo Center, according to the current protocols for this type of accident, and three years after the declaration as a Monuments Zone Historical, on March 13, 2019.

Intervention of INAH experts in Tihosuco
“The most extraordinary thing about this intervention is that it will materialize thanks to the reports, opinions and technical studies that were made to support a proposal aimed at consolidating and rebuilding the areas affected by the collapse,” the specialist details.

As a birthday present for the third anniversary of the federal declaration, in the church of Tihosuco that fund will be exercised, to which one rarely has access, because the experts and other experts from the INAH Quintana Roo Center, which is directed by Margarito Molina Rendón, managed to sustain that rescue plan.

The Yucatan Times