Temperatures could reach 43 degrees in Yucatán

(Photo: La Verdad Noticias)

The authorities urge to take extreme precautions for possible fires; as the temperatures will change radically this week in Yucatan.

(Sipse).- Due to the effects of a warm wave, maximums of up to 43 degrees will be registered in Yucatan and coupled with the absence of rain, it is plausible that fires could occur in dry bushes, so due precautions must be taken.

For Monday, maximums of 30 to 35 degrees are expected in Yucatan and Campeche, with minimums of 15 to 20, and maximums of around 32 degrees in Quintana Roo for minimums of 17 to 22.

It will also be necessary to take into account that a moderate “Surada” event could be generated with winds of up to 60 km p/h.

In Mérida for this Monday, maximums of 30 to 33 degrees are forecast, however, the warm wave, the “Surada” and the absence of rains could result in a heat of 40 degrees Celsius in the state.

Faced with these intense temperatures, remember to try not to expose yourself to the Sun, especially from 12 to 4 p.m., not only to avoid heatstroke or dehydration but also radiation burns.

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